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The Right Answers for Rural America

In order for rural Americans to access the robust broadband Internet service that is required to fully participate in modern society, it is essential that federal regulators develop the right answers to the relevant policy questions we face.

Specifically, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must properly leverage the Connect America Fund (CAF), which allocates federal funding to help spread high-capacity Internet access to un-served areas, to build-out a comprehensive broadband infrastructure in our rural communities.

As the FCC transitions to CAF Phase II funding ($1.8 billion annually), we believe the program’s goal of providing high-performing (10 Mbps) broadband to un-served rural communities can best be achieved by taking the following steps:
  • Extend the planned funding period to 10 years to build a higher-capacity network.
  • Establish reasonable network build-out parameters and allow providers to refund support for locations that are especially remote and costly.
  • Allow funds to be used to reach all un-served high-cost households, including those in the same Census block as a household that does have access to 10 Mbps broadband.
  • Require cable and WISP service claims to be verified through a robust protocol.
At One Country Connected, we believe deployment of fiber broadband facilities represents the best way to ensure that residents and businesses receive reliable, affordable, and robust Internet service, today and in the future.